Guenther A. Richter's List of Trials

Futurelink v WebTV                                                                      02/2007

Chatsworth, CA

(1 day- Second Chair)

Behr v. Redmond                                                                          02/2009

Riverside, CA

(11 day jury trial- Second Chair)

Pacific Lightwave, Inc. V. gelhoff                                          12/22/2010

INC 10011445/Indio, CA

(Represented Plaintiff in theft of trade secrets and unfair business practices. TRO and Preliminary Injunction granted).

Shah v. Michael E. Platt, M.D., Inc.,                            07/20/2011

INC 078981/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial)- Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

In re: Michael E. Platt, M.D.                                                             11/2011

Admin Hearing/San Diego, CA

(Settled after 1st day of 35 day trial- Settlement for 1 year suspension rather than permanent revocation of physician license)

Scott Burch Design, Inc. v. Nita Roberts World Wide, Inc. et. Al.


INC 10002474/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial) Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

Skordoulis v. Fidelity National Title Ins., et. al.             


INC 091596/ Indio, CA

(4 day bench trial- Stopped foreclosure on $3.7M commercial property)

Stewart v. Meehan                                                                     11/01/2012

INV 1200932/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial)- Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

Sanchez v. Harding                                           01/15/2013-01/18/2013

12U02577/ Lancaster, CA

(7 day jury trial- Favorable settlement after Jury Selection)

Silverio v. Mogul Corporation                        07/15/2013-07/25/2013

CIVRS 1202004/ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

(10 day jury trial- Complaint for D; X- Complaint for X-D)

AmailCenter Franchise Corp v. Country Club Village, LLC


INC 1203017/ Indio, CA

(5 day jury trial- Favorable settlement during Jury Selection)

Halo Resorts v. Banks                                                             08/19/2013

BAC 1300606/ Banning, CA

(1 day bench trial- Judgment in Client's favor)

Moss v. Hokkaido Management, Inc                                     08/11/2015

BC 523776/ Los Angeles, CA

(15 day trial- Court ruled that Plaintiff waived jury on motion by Defendant; after 7 days of trial ended in mistrial and Plaintiff dismissing action with prejudice)

Guenther A. Richter's Arbitrations

Toll Brothers v. Palm Desert Terracina       10/29/2007-10/31/2007

Case Number/Location: JAMS 1230010860/Palm Springs, CA

Guenther A. Richter's Settlements

Meehan v. Agren                                                         11/27/2012


Indio CA                                                                                       $88,912.50